Help Santa & his reindeer find the Christmas Tree.

Be part of the interactive Christmas lights display at Snap Laundromat, Taringa, by helping Santa & his reindeer find the Christmas Tree!

Yes it’s true – we designed this year’s display so that the public can trigger on the lights adorning the 4.2 meter high Christmas Tree at the Laundromat.

Snap's interactive Christmas Tree lights in Brisbane's western suburbs Taringa
Snap’s interactive Christmas Tree lights in Brisbane’s western suburbs Taringa

This is our second year applying to enter the 4KQ Christmas Lights competition. As a local family business, it’s a great opportunity for us to design & build the lights display with our kids, and see how proud they are to share this with the local community at the laundromat.

We’ve been busily planning, designing and building for this year’s competition. Our kids told us that they wanted our lights display to be “unique”, “memorable” and “interactive”. As our laundry is internet-enabled, we decided that we had the perfect opportunity to allow the public to engage and interact with our Christmas lights when they visit.

You can set the lights ablaze simply by registering and logging in to – then activating the lights using your smart phone or mobile device. It’s absolutely FREE! See our easy steps below.

The Christmas tree is custom built by us, and it’s contrasting lights and star are triggered each time someone activates the service, with the additional lights sparkling for approximately 30 seconds.

You can help Santa and his reindeer, also on display at the Laundromat, find the Christmas tree at 69 Westerham Street Taringa.

Place of Stones, next to our laundromat, is open for dinner Tues – Sat inclusive. Why not bring the family, interact with the Christmas Lights while enjoying a fabulous dinner or gourmet pizza from Stones?

Snap Laundromat and Place of Stones Christmas Lights display Brisbane
Why not bring the family to interact with the lights display and enjoy dinner at Place of Stones?

Steps to interact with the Christmas Lights:

1. Register and Login at

2. Select Light the Xmas Tree from the menu

3. Enter snap as the service code

4. Select Charge Now – it’s free!

Enjoy our display and Merry Christmas from the Snap Laundromat team!

Christmas Lights display for the 2014 4KQ Lights Competition Brisbane Taringa interactive Snap Laundromat
Snap’s interactive Christmas Lights display for the 2014 4KQ Lights Competition. Help Santa find the Christmas Tree by turning on the lights with a smartphone!

Christmas Lights display at Snap Laundromat, Taringa – official Brisbane 4KQ Entrant

Snap Laundromat’s Christmas Lights display is officially part of Brisbane’s Annual  4KQ Christmas Lights Competition.  Snap was announced by 4KQ as an official entrant in early December. Located at 86 Whitmore Street Taringa, the laundry’s wonderful display lights up Whitmore and Westerham Streets, and features Santa and his reindeers leaving the north pole on Christmas Eve.

Recently renovated this year, Snap’s owners Michelle & Ian, wanted to support the local neighbourhood and businesses with a memorable Christmas lights display.

“Our own children were so thrilled with our Christmas lights idea and entering the 4KQ competition, we knew that the surrounding neighbourhood would enjoy it too,” Michelle said.

“It’s great to give back to the community that has supported us through the renovations, and who continue to encourage and support our small business”.

The laundry’s Christmas lights display can be enjoyed every night.  Place of Stones restaurant, next door to the Laundromat, serves delicious meals, deserts and coffees to enjoy too.  Bring your family and visit Whitmore Street Taringa, and experience this festive time of year in Brisbane.

For an interactive list and photos of all 4KQ Xmas Lights entrants –

For more details about Snap Laundromat, visit

Snap is located at 69 Westerham Street Taringa.

North Pole and Santa Christmas Lights Display at Snap Laundromat Taringa Brisbane
North Pole and Santa Christmas Lights Display at Snap Laundromat Taringa Brisbane