10 ways your kids can help with the laundry these holidays

School holidays provide an opportunity for parents and children to see and do lots of exciting things together. The necessities of everyday life and household chores still continue, including the inevitable laundry chores. Encouraging my children to assist me with these chores is a great way to interact with them and still enjoy the holidays, while also teaching them important life skills.

School holidays: Your children can help do the laundry , Sbap Laundromat Brisbane
Children enjoy the independence of assisting you with laundry

Here are 10 ways your children can help you with the laundry these holidays, with your supervision:

  1. Carry the laundry bag or laundry basket. Even young children can help with carrying the basket or bag of clothes to be washed. My kids help me by carrying our laundry bag from home to the car, from the car into the Laundromat, from the washers to the dryers – and then back home! The empty laundry basket inevitably then gets turned into a ‘boat’ or similar during play time at the laundry.
  2. Loading clothes into the washing machine. If your kids can access the door to the washing machine, then they will love placing clothes into the machine. I set challenges for my daughters at the laundromat where they need to load darks in one machine, whites in one, linen/towels in another. I also like to educate them about the different types of fabric, and what makes some clothing items ‘delicate’, so should be washed separately and gently.
  3. Pressing the machine buttons. Children love to press buttons, and this seems to be my children’s favourite part of helping with the laundry. With your supervision, they can select the correct water temperature, cycle and the all important ‘Start’ button.
  4. Remind you of the remaining washing time. If your washing machine displays the remaining time, your kids will love to attempt to read this and make regular announcements. It’s a fun way for them to learn more about numbers and the meaning of time.
  5. Tell you when the washing is complete. Kids seem more in tune to the beeps and noises of a washing machine. My daughter loves to announce to me that the washing is finished!
  6. Moving clothes to the dryers. When I use the dryer, I ask my kids to help me take the washed clothes from the washing machines over to the dryers. We talk about the most efficient way to dry, based on what we have washed.
  7. Hanging clothes on the air dryer.  As long as they can reach, even young kids will enjoy hanging wet clothes to dry on an air dryer, especially their own clothes.

    Kids can help with the laundry - Snap Laundromat Taringa Brisbane
    Children love to help with the laundry
  8. Sorting the dried clothes.  If your kids enjoy puzzles, then they will enjoy sorting the clean clothes into the relevant piles for each family member. You’ll find this results in the inevitable comments and jokes about daddy’s undies or mummy’s bras.
  9. Fun Folding. Folding the clothes is a great way to spend time and chat with your kids. I love the random conversations that we have while folding the clothes. It’s also an opportunity to teach them about how to fold their clothes neatly and how to look after them.
  10. Putting their clothes away. My kids are responsible for putting their own clothes away in their wardrobes. I let then choose what goes where in their wardrobes. It’s a surprisingly easy way to ensure they keep their wardrobe neat and tidy, as they feel responsible for that part of their room.

Michelle – Author, Mum & Owner – Snap Laundromat Brisbane

Christmas Lights display at Snap Laundromat, Taringa – official Brisbane 4KQ Entrant

Snap Laundromat’s Christmas Lights display is officially part of Brisbane’s Annual  4KQ Christmas Lights Competition.  Snap was announced by 4KQ as an official entrant in early December. Located at 86 Whitmore Street Taringa, the laundry’s wonderful display lights up Whitmore and Westerham Streets, and features Santa and his reindeers leaving the north pole on Christmas Eve.

Recently renovated this year, Snap’s owners Michelle & Ian, wanted to support the local neighbourhood and businesses with a memorable Christmas lights display.

“Our own children were so thrilled with our Christmas lights idea and entering the 4KQ competition, we knew that the surrounding neighbourhood would enjoy it too,” Michelle said.

“It’s great to give back to the community that has supported us through the renovations, and who continue to encourage and support our small business”.

The laundry’s Christmas lights display can be enjoyed every night.  Place of Stones restaurant, next door to the Laundromat, serves delicious meals, deserts and coffees to enjoy too.  Bring your family and visit Whitmore Street Taringa, and experience this festive time of year in Brisbane.

For an interactive list and photos of all 4KQ Xmas Lights entrants – http://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/xmaslights

For more details about Snap Laundromat, visit www.snaplaundromat.com.au

Snap is located at 69 Westerham Street Taringa.

North Pole and Santa Christmas Lights Display at Snap Laundromat Taringa Brisbane
North Pole and Santa Christmas Lights Display at Snap Laundromat Taringa Brisbane

Collusion Music photo shoot at Snap Laundromat, Taringa

Snap Laundromat, Taringa provided a unique and interesting location for Collusion Music’s latest photo shoot.

Collusion Music poster 'All in the Wash' season 2014 at Snap Laundromat Brisbane
Collusion Music poster ‘All in the Wash’ season 2014 at Snap Laundromat Brisbane

Collusion Music is an ensemble delivering beautifully articulated chamber music and chamber ballet. These internationally-trained musicians and dancers, including clarinetist/saxophonist Diana Tolmie, cellist Danielle Bentley, violinist/violist Benjamin Greaves, Composer in Residence Susan Hawkins, and Resident Choreographer Gareth Belling brought their instruments, costumes and creativity to Snap’s backdrop of stainless steel machines & bright colours.


Collusion Music Poster 2014 at Snap Laundromat Brisbane - Violin and Director Benjamin Greaves coin laundry
Collusion Music Poster 2014 at Snap Laundromat Brisbane – Violin and Director Benjamin Greaves


Customers and residents of Whitmore Street were treated to visions of cellos, clarinets, violins, musicians and dancers striking stylish poses at the laundromat.

It felt like a Hollywood movie set with makeup artists, dressing rooms and refreshments bar (including champagne!) for the artists.

Collusion Music is in Residence at Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium, and will be supported by the Queensland Government for their 2014 program. For more details about this amazing group, view their website at www.collusion.com.au

Michelle & Ian, the owners of Snap Laundromat wish to extend a big thank you to their customers, to Place of Stones restaurant for serving delicious coffee & breakfast on a busy Sunday morning, and of course to Collusion Music for selecting the Laundromat for their photo shoot.

Here are some of the 2014 season posters. Other images are available in our gallery on the website.

Snap Laundromat is located 69 Westerham Street Taringa in beautiful Brisbane, and open everyday 24/7. Visit the website for details www.snaplaundromat.com.au