Snap Laundromat: A Unique Photo Location

Snap Laundromats are a popular photo shoot location for those keen to find an interesting & unique backdrop.

Thanks to all of the talented designers & photographers who have used our locations to produce some unique images.

Check out some of these images & designs.

Please contact us if you are interested in a unique photo shoot at one of our laundry locations.

Snap Laundromat Paddington Photo by Brook Elaine Photo
Image by Brook Elaine Photo @ Snap Laundromat Paddington
Snap Laundromat Paddington, Image by Ridgie Designs
Snap Laundromat Paddington, Image by Ridgie Designs
Snap Laundromat Lutwyche, Image by Brandy Bayntun
Snap Laundromat Lutwyche, Image by Brandy Bayntun

Laundromat designer chic at Snap

Kiana Design’s recent fashion shoot at Snap Laundromat, Taringa, featured the Australian women fashion brand’s latest showcase collection.

All delicately handmade, giving the brand its unique character and explicit style, the shoot styled the brand’s exclusive tops, skirts and dresses against the unique backdrop of Snap Laundromat.

Sincere thank you to Kiana Design for selecting our location to feature the designs, we thoroughly enjoyed being part of the photo shoot!

Visit Kiana Design’s online store at to view their fabulous designs.

Kiana Design Women's Fashion Label Photo Shoot at Snap Laundromat Brisbane Taringa
Kiana Designs


Wash & wear glamour at Snap Laundromat


QWeekend fashion editorial photo shoot Snap Laundromat Brisbane Taringa
Stunning images of the fashion editorial photographed at Snap Laundromat for QWeekend

Snap Laundromat features as the location for fashion editorial Spin Cycle, in the Saturday Courier Mail’s colour lift out QWeekend. Featuring work from Brisbane stylist Kimberly Gardner, stunningly beautiful model Chelsea Crawford, photographer Russell Shakesphere, makeup by Penny Antuar.

Sincere thanks to QWeekend and stylist Kimberly Gardner for an impressive fashion editorial, and for featuring Snap Laundromat. Here are some BTS images.

Behind the Scenes QWeekend Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot at Snap Laundromat Brisbane TaringaCourier Mail QWeekend Spin Cycle Fashion Editorial Magazine features Snap LaundromatChelsea Crawford BTS Fashion Shoot at Snap Laundromat Taringa

Collusion Music photo shoot at Snap Laundromat, Taringa

Snap Laundromat, Taringa provided a unique and interesting location for Collusion Music’s latest photo shoot.

Collusion Music poster 'All in the Wash' season 2014 at Snap Laundromat Brisbane
Collusion Music poster ‘All in the Wash’ season 2014 at Snap Laundromat Brisbane

Collusion Music is an ensemble delivering beautifully articulated chamber music and chamber ballet. These internationally-trained musicians and dancers, including clarinetist/saxophonist Diana Tolmie, cellist Danielle Bentley, violinist/violist Benjamin Greaves, Composer in Residence Susan Hawkins, and Resident Choreographer Gareth Belling brought their instruments, costumes and creativity to Snap’s backdrop of stainless steel machines & bright colours.


Collusion Music Poster 2014 at Snap Laundromat Brisbane - Violin and Director Benjamin Greaves coin laundry
Collusion Music Poster 2014 at Snap Laundromat Brisbane – Violin and Director Benjamin Greaves


Customers and residents of Whitmore Street were treated to visions of cellos, clarinets, violins, musicians and dancers striking stylish poses at the laundromat.

It felt like a Hollywood movie set with makeup artists, dressing rooms and refreshments bar (including champagne!) for the artists.

Collusion Music is in Residence at Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium, and will be supported by the Queensland Government for their 2014 program. For more details about this amazing group, view their website at

Michelle & Ian, the owners of Snap Laundromat wish to extend a big thank you to their customers, to Place of Stones restaurant for serving delicious coffee & breakfast on a busy Sunday morning, and of course to Collusion Music for selecting the Laundromat for their photo shoot.

Here are some of the 2014 season posters. Other images are available in our gallery on the website.

Snap Laundromat is located 69 Westerham Street Taringa in beautiful Brisbane, and open everyday 24/7. Visit the website for details